ABS Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods and EPA Prescribed Waste:

ABS Transport Industries is seen as a leader in the transport of dangerous goods. We will transport all classes of dangerous goods and EPA Prescribed waste with the exception of Class 1 Explosives.

ABS Transport Industries is fully certified to carry dangerous goods and prescribed waste in accordance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ABS Transport Industries has dedicated trained staff that can help deliver the best possible solution for your company’s shipment of dangerous goods. We strive to transport your dangerous goods and EPA safely and reliably.

Advantages of ABS Transport Industries Dangerous goods and EPA Prescribed waste:

Dangerous goods
  • 30 years of experience in the safe, secure movement of dangerous goods and EPA within Australia.
  • Able to provide solutions for most dangerous goods and EPA concerns
  • Special care in handling dangerous goods and EPA prescribed waste ensuring compliance to regulations by way of a fifteen point checklist for road consignments. This includes checking all documentation, quantity, type of packaging and ensuring packages conform to all Dangerous goods and EPA regulation before carrying.